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Jay Croft


Nominated Best Actor in a Play (2013)

For the third strait year, Jay has received a Best Actor nomination:

Jay Croft as Wilson in

About Nominations

You are an amazing actor and deserve the accolades... hope we can work together soon.

Sherry Ingbritsen - President/Artistic Director

Nominated Best Actor in a Play (2012)

Jay Croft as Lt. Barney Greenwald in
The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial

Nominated Best Actor in a Play (2012)

Jay Croft as Mr. De Pinna in
You Can't Take It With You

Nominated Best Actor in a Play (2011)

Jay Croft as Mr. Collins in
Pride and Prejudice

Jay in Olympic Village

I want to thank you for being such a pleasure to work with. Your commitment to creating distinct characterizations was wonderful - Casey was a hoot and avoided being a stereotype - Bravo! Alan had a tough edge to him and Swoosh in his guts - again, without becoming a cardboard character hard-ass boss. Your Ambassador cracked me up every time - "I'm not from here." No kidding, with that accent.

I love seeing a skilled actor at work in the rehearsal process. It's a treat to watch him explore and risk new ideas. You did that and I have to believe it encouraged the other, newer actors to try the same thing in their own work.

Please let me know what else you do in town - I want to keep up with your career!

Sharon Brewer

Nominated Best Minor Supporting Actor in a Play (2008)

Jay Croft as Frankie Salvucci in
Breaking Leg

Jay in classes

Jay is one of the most versatile, hard-working actors I have ever worked with. He is fearless - willing to do anything I throw at him for the sake of the character. He's always prepared and constantly surprises me with his acting choices

Chris Cole Harris